We develop Odoo Apps

As Cube48 we create our own apps, depending on your needs and your requirements. Check our already launched apps on Odoo app store.

For more information please contact us! 

You can also find our apps on Odoo Apps Store


Stop Auto Subscribe Partners

With this module new partners will not become auto followers any longer. Customers or suppliers will not get unintended messages or confidential information. Never again forget to unsubscribe partners!

Toggle Debug Mode

Some people use browser extensions to get into the debug mode, some keep typing in the address bar, some select it in the settings dashboard, but with this app all this will become unnecessary!
Turn on/off the debug mode in the top right user menu in every view, everywhere, on every device (not in mobile view for now).

Quick Language Selection

If you have to change your language frequently, you will love it!
This app creates new entries for all active languages in the top right user menu. Select the required one with just one click. Handy for employees of multilingual companies, external users, developers, partners…

Datev Autocreate Credit/Debit Accounts

Based on your partner’s type this module creates credit/debit accounts during partner record creation. And also, if your longtime vendor becomes a customer, just tick the customer checkbox in the existing partner form to auto create his debit account (Account Receivable). Never miss to create partner accounts. This app will take care of it.