Odoo - Unleash your growth potential

The future of digital processes: automation, acceleration and optimization.

When do you need Odoo?

If you want to digitize your production processes, bring more transparency and efficiency to your business, and improve your customer relationship management, Odoo is well worth your while.

Odoo supports your company in all business and production processes – from intuitive customer relationship management, to efficient production planning and control, and easy-to-use finance and accounting, all the way to a complete e-business solution.


Odoo not only considers the requirements of individual departments and workflows, but also the individual needs of users. This means comfortable functionality and user-friendliness as well as tailor-made, forward-looking and error-free processes.

What does Odoo offer you?

Perfect fit: Every industry has its own requirements for a system. From manufacturing companies to e-commerce companies, Odoo meets every single requirement.

Process and user-oriented: Odoo meets with a high level of acceptance among its employees through individually adjustable features and instinctive usability.

Modular: Odoo grows with you and can be flexibly adapted to new processes and conditions. The modular design ensures lasting efficiency at all levels.

Independence: Your own open source code ensures both independence and reusability. You can choose who you work with and how long this collaboration lasts

Community: The Odoo community is the foundation for a fast-growing and progressive system. It is the largest, the most active and the technically leading open source community in the field of ERP.

Trendsetting technology: Odoo is considered a pioneer for new standards in the open source area, because of the fact that the current technology trends are taken up early and optimally integrated.

Transparency and overview: all information is provided clearly.

Mobile Compatibility: With Odoo, you have access anytime, anywhere you want, whether on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Our Odoo Solutions – Industry 4.0

Your Company, one Solution.

Expand your options. Not your efforts. Odoo covers all business processes with a variety of functions.

Release your growth potential.

Manage and optimize your customer relationships, your prospects and your opportunities.

Your Production, one Solution.

Optimize your production through tailor-made production planning and control, hence a smooth production process.

Your Finances, one Solution.

Optimize your finance and accounting with a modern and perceptive user interface for easy collaboration and communication with your accounting, customers and suppliers.

Your E-Business, one Solution.

Optimize your own personal e-business strategy and open up new online markets.